10,080 Minutes || Sugartie

Tagging → Sugar Motta & Artie Abrams

Time Frame → Friday Night 09/28/12 

Location → Motta Estate

General Notes → 10,080 minutes = 1 week. And that’s as creative as I could get right now.

Sugar Motta

A lot could happen in a week. For Sugar, the last week had been nothing short of mind-blowing. Not only had she somehow wrangled a boyfriend better than one she could have designed herself, but everything else in her life seemed to be pieced together well enough for her to be a properly functioning, and happy, person. If only a week could last forever. 

A Herve Leger dress, sparkly pumps, some jewelry, one last fluff of her curled hair, and a spritz of her favorite Daisy perfume left Sugar ready for the evening. Admittedly, she was overdressed for pizza and pumpkin carving, but she never celebrated a one-week anniversary before and she wanted the night to be special. She’d celebrate every day with Artie if she could. The fact that the too good to be true boy belonged to her was something she still struggled to grasp. But while she had him, she would make every moment count.

A text from her favorite boy sent her running to her bedroom window, quickly unlocking and pushing open the large window to get a glimpse of the boy below her. “What are you doing, Pumpkin?” she giggled, waving enthusiastically at her date for the evening.